Hackers stopped Honda car factories around the world

Honda has announced the shutdown of its Assembly lines almost all over the world. The reason for this was not the COVID-19 pandemic - as it turned out, the automaker's network infrastructure suffered from the actions of hackers who broke into the servers of the Japanese concern.


According to the company, the cyber attack was carried out at the beginning of this week and affected the central servers, which later spread the virus throughout the corporate network. As a result, the ransomware Snake/EKANS blocked employees' work computers, demanding a ransom for the data decryption key.

"The company confirms that a cyber attack has occurred on the Honda network. We can also confirm that there is no information leak at this time. We are currently working to minimize the impact and restore the full functionality of production, sales, and development. At the moment, we see minimal impact on the business," Honda representatives said.

In total, the cyberattack affected 11 factories, including five in the US. Later, the company's press service announced the resumption of work of American conveyors, but the automobile division in Turkey and motorcycle production in India and Brazil are still not functioning due to the investigation of the details of the accident.

Honda representatives told reporters that although the cyberattack affected production, it "did not affect dealers or customers of the car brand in any way."

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