Elon Musk spoke about the key mission of SpaceX

After the unsuccessful launch of the starship prototype, the head of SpaceX addressed the company's employees in an open letter. Despite the successful launch of astronauts to the ISS, he urged them not to relax - and noted that SpaceX's priority for the near future is not passenger transportation to earth orbit, but a much larger project.


"Please consider that SpaceX's top priority, in addition to reducing the risk associated with the return of Crew Dragon, remains Starship. The progress of [its] construction should happen abruptly and immediately, " Musk said.

SpaceX is currently working on a reusable system for interplanetary flights, represented by a Super Heavy rocket and a Starship spacecraft. Both stages are expected to be capable of self-landing, and will also be suitable for multiple flights. Starship is planned to be used in the future to deliver people to the moon and Mars — the ship's capacity is up to one hundred people.

The recently tested Starship SN4 prototype was seriously damaged by an explosion caused by a methane leak. However, SpaceX has already prepared a new test bench, and the Starship SN5 assembly is coming to an end. In parallel, the company began work on the next version of the prototype. The first cargo mission to Mars is still planned for 2022.

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