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Google services crashed

20 August 2020, Thursday By M. Konwar

Many users around the world report crashes in Google services. People cannot send emails through Gmail, have problems creating documents in Google Docs, and cannot access their data in Google Drive - the problem has affected various countries. 

Gmail Crash Data from DownDetector

According to the official Google site, problems are observed in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Groups, Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Keep, and Google Voice. This information is also confirmed by the DownDetector resource, which collects data on service outages around the world.

For some users, letters to Gmail are not sent at all, for others it takes a long time to load attachments, and for others, messages arrive with a delay. In Google Drive there are difficulties with the creation of files and access them. Some "victims" also report problems uploading videos to YouTube. The same happens with the above services of the search giant. 

Google has confirmed the existence of problems and promises to soon publish a report on what happened, as well as restore the work of services. All relevant information on the situation appears on a special website.

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