In China, six new active cases of COVID-19 were detected during the day

In mainland China, six new cases of coronavirus-induced diseases were registered over the past day, and five asymptomatic patients were also identified, the State Health Committee of China reported on its official website.

Five active patients came from abroad, and one internal case of infection was detected in Shanghai. Four out of five asymptomatic cases are "imported".


No deaths associated with the coronavirus have been reported.

During the previous day, three new active cases of coronavirus infection and two asymptomatic patients were recorded.

Since December last year, 4,634 people have become victims of coronavirus in China, 83,036 active cases of infection have been registered, 1,776 of them imported from abroad.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 1,593 coronavirus patients have been detected in Chinese territories outside the mainland: in Hong Kong - 1,105 (with four deaths), in Macao - 45, in Taiwan - 443 (seven deaths).

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