Qualcomm seeks permission to trade processors with HUAWEI

Shortly after the announcement by HUAWEI about the termination of production of its own Kirin mobile processors at TSMC factories, Qualcomm announced its readiness to supply its chips to the Chinese vendor. According to US media reports, the company has begun lobbying for an easing of current US government sanctions.


According to The Wall Street Journal, Qualcomm has asked the US government for a license to trade with the Chinese company. According to representatives of the chipmaker, the current sanctions do not prevent HUAWEI from producing smartphones, but rather contribute to the multibillion-dollar profits of tech giants such as Samsung and MediaTek, which have entire lines of mobile platforms in their arsenal. This state of affairs, according to Qualcomm's calculations, will reduce the competitiveness of American vendors.

The manufacturer also said the current situation could see a rapid shift in market share for 5G chipsets, given the restrictions on shipping branded products to large customers. The company has previously openly declared its desire to re-include HUAWEI among its customers. Several vendors have already licensed to do business with HUAWEI, including Intel, Micron, and Xilinx. Partnership with HUAWEI, according to analysts, remains one of the key areas of Qualcomm.
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