Australian court fined Sony $2.4 million for violating consumer rights

Sony was fined $2.4 million by the Australian authorities. The fact is that the Japanese Corporation refused to return money for "defective" games purchased by four buyers, who went to court.


In 2018, Sony refused to refund money to four gamers who bought unnamed products from the PlayStation digital distribution service. Tech support informed them that they can only return funds according to the store's rules within 14 days after purchase and only if the game has never been launched. Nobody wanted to put up with it.

In Australia, digital products are treated as physical products and are covered by the same warranty. No internal Sony rules can prevail over Australian laws, because it is in this country that the "defective" products were purchased. In addition, the court ruled that Sony can not return funds for the purchase of its internal currency — the money must be returned exactly those that the consumer paid for the product. Now Sony corporation will have to pay a huge fine of $2.4 million, as well as cover all legal costs.

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