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MediaTek starts developing 6G technologies with Nokia

22 July 2020, Wednesday By M. Konwar

Just last year, fifth-generation networks started appearing in major cities around the world, but some companies have already switched to 6G development. It turned out that MediaTek is also actively involved in the research of this technology.


MediaTek has been focused on 5G for 6 years. In addition to the research center at its headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan, the company has a similar division in Finland, where developments in 5G and other advanced wireless technologies are underway. According to available information, Finnish authorities and academic institutions have already started working on sixth-generation networks, and MediaTek is directly involved in this process.

One of MediaTek's key partners is Nokia. While the first focuses on creating 6G processors for smartphones, the second focuses on developing telecommunications equipment and standards for sixth-generation networks.

According to experts, 6G networks will appear in 2030 and will allow downloading data at speeds of up to 1 TB/s, which is 8000 times more than 5G. At the same time, Samsung predicts the appearance of the first commercial 6G networks in 2028.

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