Doctors found an irreversible consequence of a mild form of coronavirus

Some people who have undergone COVID-19 without serious complications may permanently lose their normal sense of smell and taste. These findings were made by a group of leading doctors from several major US coronavirus hospitals.

Not so long ago, it was found that the key symptom of a mild form of coronavirus is the loss of smell.

American doctors conducted surveys and found that a partial or complete lack of sensation of smells and tastes continues to persist in a significant part of patients for several weeks after recovery.

According to experts, it may take up to several months to fully restore the normal perception of smell and taste, however, doctors do not exclude that some who have recovered COVID-19 can permanently lose their sense of smell.

According to preliminary conclusions of scientists, the loss of smell when infected with coronavirus is a specific protective reaction of the body to the new virus, manifested in the death of olfactory receptors that go to the brain to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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