Apple gave important advice on sealing the laptop camera

There are many stories on the net about how the government or hackers are following you through a webcam on a laptop. Therefore, some experts recommend sealing it for security purposes. However, Apple strongly recommends against doing this, citing very strong arguments.

In the support section of Apple's website, we found an article about the use of different stickers and protective covers for cameras in MacBook laptops. It says that if you still use some kind of overlay on the webcam, then in this case you should not close the laptop, as this can lead to damage.


Since the gap between the display and the keyboard in the closed state is minimal and calculated by the company with high accuracy, any deviations can cause damage to the screen. In addition, stickers on the camera can affect the operation of the light sensor and disrupt functions such as automatic brightness control and True Tone.

Apple notes that as stickers, you should focus on the operation of the corresponding led indicator near the camera. The latter simply cannot work without activating this indicator. You can also see which apps have access to the camera in the "System settings" and restrict it if necessary.

If there is an urgent need to close the camera, such as the requirement of the authorities, then Apple recommends using stickers no more than 0.1 mm thick (like a sheet of paper for a printer), which does not leave traces of glue. If the thickness of the lining is greater, then before closing the laptop cover, it should be removed.

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