In Cyprus, foreign tourists will not be required to provide a certificate of COVID-19

The Cypriot authorities have decided that they will no longer require foreign tourists arriving in the country to have a certificate confirming that they are not infected with coronavirus, The Guardian writes on Sunday. 


Until now, vacationers had to provide a certificate, received a maximum of 72 hours before arrival in Cyprus, that they were not infected with the virus. 

Now, the Ministry of Tourism of Cyprus decided to abandon this scheme and limit itself to checking for a virus some of the arriving tourists. The Guardian notes that this check will affect 15% of foreigners arriving in the country. 

According to estimates, in the coming weeks, 1.5 thousand foreigners per day will arrive on holiday in Cyprus. 

The authorities of Cyprus, which is highly dependent on tourism, previously assured that if a foreign holidaymaker falls ill with the virus on their territory, they will bear all the costs associated with treatment.

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