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Aston Martin unveiled a special limited edition DBX crossover

07 December 2020, Monday By Victoria Frolova

The English brand showed a special crossover developed in conjunction with the Scottish distillery Bowmore.

Aston Martin introduced a special limited version of the DBX crossover called the Bowmore Edition. The new product was dedicated to the distillery of the same name in Scotland, which produces the famous single malt whiskey.

Aston Martin unveiled a special limited edition DBX crossover

The car was prepared by the Q by Aston Martin division, which specializes in creating special exclusive car variants. The crossover has been painted in Bowmore Blue, a color specifically designed for this model. The side panels of the body kit used copper inserts made from original Bowmore stills.

The same metal is used for the interior design details of the special DBX, including the cup holders and door sills. The interior is decorated with Scottish wool tweed fabric, as well as glossy black cladding, handcrafted from copper foil.

The Aston Martin DBX is powered by Mercedes-AMG's four-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 550 HP and 700 Nm of torque. The motor is paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive with an active center differential and an electronically locked rear differential. The car is capable of gaining a "hundred" in 4.5 seconds, and its maximum speed was 291 km per hour.

Aston Martin DBX Bowmore Edition

A total of 18 Aston Martin DBX Bowmore Editions will be produced and their owners will be invited to a special event in Scotland. They will be given cars in Edinburgh, after which they will go on a road trip of about 300 km through the countryside to Loch Lomond and Trosax National Park. Buyers will then take a ferry to Islay, where the Bowmore plant was located.

This is not the first collaboration between Aston Martin and the famous Scottish distillery. Earlier, the British released a single malt whiskey called Black Bowmore DB5 1964, which is dedicated to one of the most recognizable classic sports cars of James Bond. Decorated with the original piston from the Aston Martin DB5 engine, each bottle is housed in a special handmade box with calfskin trim and nickel-plated hinges, inspired by the original sports car parts. The circulation was limited to 25 bottles, each of which was estimated at 65 thousand dollars.

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