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New Skoda Fabia photographed with a serial body

03 December 2020, Thursday By Victoria Frolova

The fourth-generation Skoda Fabia, which will be built on the same platform as the Volkswagen Polo and Audi A1, will debut in 2021.

At the disposal of the Czech site Portal Ridice were spy photos from the next-generation Skoda Fabia road tests, during which the car was captured in serial form. Previously, the new model was only seen during tests, when its units were hidden under the body of the Volkswagen Polo.

The fourth-generation Skoda Fabia

Two test prototypes were seen on the D11 highway in the Czech Republic. The images show narrow front optics in the style of new Skoda crossovers, V-shaped horizontal taillights, and a large spoiler above the luggage compartment door.

The next Skoda Fabia will be built on the same MQB-A0 platform, which is also used on the Volkswagen Polo, Seat Ibiza, and Audi A1 models of the new generation. Like other new cars of the Czech brand, the fourth Fabia will be larger than its predecessor and will get a more spacious interior.

The engine line will include three-cylinder naturally aspirated and supercharged engines, which, depending on the modification, will work with a manual transmission or with an automatic transmission with two clutches. Presumably, the Fabia will not have diesel units due to strict emission standards. As before, the model will have modifications with a hatchback and station wagon body.

The fourth-generation Skoda Fabia

The fourth-generation Skoda Fabia will be introduced in 2021. The release of the car in September was confirmed by the new head of the Czech brand Thomas Schaefer, who noted that the new product will help the brand to strengthen competition with companies from South Korea, Japan, and France.

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