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The first photo of the new Lada Niva appeared on the Internet

02 December 2020, Wednesday By Victoria Frolova

The updated Lada Niva SUV, which will receive a significantly changed appearance, will debut in 2021.

The first photo of the prototype of the updated Lada Niva SUV, which is due to premiere next year, has appeared on the Internet. A picture of the car was posted in the public Vkontakte.

The first photo of the new Lada Niva appeared on the Internet

AvtoVAZ has so far declined to comment on the emerging photo. At the same time, a source familiar with the progress of the project, confirmed the authenticity of the captured car. At the same time, it noted that this is not yet the final approved version of the appearance that the serial SUV will receive. Judging by the picture, the new Lada Niva may turn out to be similar to the Toyota RAV4 crossover - in particular, these two cars have a similar shape of the hood, radiator grille and optics.

At the end of November it was reported that the first sample of the updated SUV was assembled at the Lada Zapad Togliatti enterprise (the former GM-AvtoVaz plant). According to preliminary data, the online premiere of Lada Niva will take place in January 2021, and its sales will start closer to spring.

It is assumed that the technical configurations will not be changed. The SUV is equipped with a 1.7-liter gasoline engine that produces 80 HP and 125 Nm of torque. The engine is combined with a five-speed manual transmission, permanent all-wheel drive with a dual-band transfer case and a locking center differential.

Previously, the Niva model was sold under the Chevrolet brand, but at the end of 2019, AVTOVAZ signed an agreement with General Motors to buy out 50% of the shares of their joint venture GM-Avtovaz from the North American company, which completely came under the control of the Russian company. After that, the model changed its logo to Lada.

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