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Sberbank launched a free AI-based disease diagnosis service

02 December 2020, Wednesday By Priyanka Boruah

Sberbank has announced the launch of a new online service that can provide a patient with a preliminary diagnosis using artificial intelligence technologies. The accuracy of determining the disease based on the described symptoms reaches 91%.

Sberbank launched a free AI-based disease diagnosis service

The new service was developed by Sberbank, Sbermed AI, and Lab for artificial intelligence, which are part of Sberbank. According to the developers, the user can freely list their symptoms, based on which the system will give the three most likely diagnoses. The recognition accuracy varies from 75 to 91% and largely depends on the information received from the patient.

To train the neural network, it was "fed" more than 4 million real established diagnoses in an impersonal form. The system is able to make 256 different diagnoses, which is 95% of all possible diagnoses of Russians when they first visit a doctor. According to the representative of Sberbank, in other services for checking symptoms, the decision is based on the opinion of several doctors, while their development relies entirely on machine learning technologies and relies on the expertise of hundreds of thousands of doctors.

The service will be completely free. According to the creators, it should help people understand whether they should see a doctor. After making diagnoses, the system will offer a person to consult with a doctor remotely or make an appointment with a doctor through Sberbank. In the near future, the developers intend to add an assessment of the symptoms of the probability of infection with coronavirus.

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