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Insider: Tesla will equip its electric cars with video surveillance function

30 November 2020, Monday By Victoria Frolova

At the beginning of the year, Tesla integrated Sentry Mode into its cars to protect them from theft and vandalism. Recently, enthusiasts discovered another original feature of branded electric cars related to the built-in camera system — although it has not yet been introduced by the automaker, its capabilities have already been highlighted in the code of the new firmware.


An insider under the nickname Green discovered in the latest version of Tesla software a description of the possibility of remote access to the autopilot cameras of an electric car in real-time via a mobile application. According to the enthusiast, even a 4G modem can handle streaming: the estimated traffic consumption will be only 30 MB per minute. It is expected that the emergence of such a function will allow the car owner to assess the situation in the parking lot in advance or check for suspicious activity around the vehicle.

It is not yet known whether the upcoming version of Tesla v11 proprietary software will bring the ability to remotely monitor an electric car from a distance - Tesla has not officially announced the appearance of such an option. Nevertheless, the head of the company, Elon Musk, previously stated in his Twitter blog that the fresh Tesla firmware, timed to coincide with the New Year holidays, will be "hot". It is possible that in this way the businessman hinted at the emergence of new opportunities for the brand's electric cars.

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