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A ship with 5 thousand Tesla Model 3s came to Europe for the first time

29 November 2020, Sunday By Victoria Frolova

Elon Musk's companies predict very good European sales in December.

A ship with thousands of Tesla Model 3s assembled in China has reached the shores of Europe for the first time. This is reported by the portal Inside EVs.

A ship with thousands of Tesla Model 3s

The Toscana ship from China arrived at the port of the Belgian city of Zeebrugge a month after it left Shanghai, China. On board, according to various information, from 4 to 5.5 thousand new Tesla cars. According to some reports, the number of cars can reach even 7 thousand, but experts doubt that the ship could accommodate so much.

The Chinese edition of China Xinhua News writes that 7 thousand cars will actually arrive in Europe, but on two ships, the second of which will arrive in December.

Toscana arrived at the port around the same time as workers were unloading the Grand Aurora ship that had come from San Francisco. Several thousand new Teslas were brought on board.

This transportation became the first in several indicators at once. Firstly, for the first time, Tesla assembled in China reached the shores of Europe, and secondly, two consecutive ships with these electric cars have never been unloaded in one port. In addition, this is the first batch of Tesla with lithium-iron-phosphate batteries.

Vincent de Saedeleer, vice president of the Belgian port, says the city's task now is to become a hub for shipments from China to northern Europe.

Inside EVs believes that the new deliveries will have a significant impact on December sales of the Tesla Model 3 in Europe — the number of sales and bookings is likely to be measured in the tens of thousands.

The vehicles will be shipped from Belgium for sale to Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

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