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Apple to release smart windshield for cars

28 November 2020, Saturday By Victoria Frolova

In a potential Apple Car, the glass will automatically darken depending on weather conditions and the driver's desire.

Apple has patented two technologies that will help make the car's windshield "smart". This was written by the Apple Insider portal.

Apple Car

The publication found two patents and connects this with the company's plans to release its own car someday.

In particular, we are talking about a patent entitled "Devices with guest-host liquid crystal modulators". In the description of the technology, it is said that it helps to block different types of light with the help of multiple layers. This may be necessary, for example, after a sharp change in weather.

Another patent is called "System and method for dynamic privacy and window tinting". This technology allows the driver to directly control the tinting level.

Apple Insider writes that over the past few years, rumors have been circulating around Apple about the creation of its own Apple Car, and new "automotive" technologies of the company may indicate the seriousness of such intentions on the part of the iPhone manufacturer. The company may even be able to link its devices and allow smartphones to control some of the functions of future cars.

In any case, so far these are only technology patents.

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