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China proposed assigning QR codes to coronavirus patients

22 November 2020, Sunday By Elena Arich

During the G20 summit, Chinese President XI Jinping put forward the idea of creating a single international mechanism for so-called public health certificates using QR codes.

This is reported by Xinhua.

"China has proposed a global mechanism for mutual recognition of health certificates based on the results of nucleic acid tests in the form of internationally recognized QR codes. We hope that more countries will join this mechanism," XI Jinping said.

Chinese President XI Jinping

This health coding system has already been used in China since the beginning of the pandemic. Individual information about a person's tests for Covid-19 is encrypted in a QR code stored in the smartphone.

The health code is associated with the personal history of each Chinese. The smartphone transmits it using a dedicated application. 

Xi Jinping proposed to make this mechanism global. The data in the code for any citizen should be based on the results of their coronavirus test.

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