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In the United States found an abandoned car dealership with hundreds of cars

21 November 2020, Saturday By Victoria Frolova

There are over a hundred American classic cars in the overgrown grounds of the car dealership, which can still be purchased if desired.

An abandoned AMC dealership was discovered in North Carolina (USA). More than a hundred American classic cars are still stocked at the already overgrown dealership grounds, The Drive reports. Most of the cars are already rusty, but you can still buy them if you want.

abandoned AMC dealership

As the publication found out, this car dealership previously belonged to the American Robert Collier, who is the founder of Collier Motors. This company has been selling Chevrolet cars since the 50s. Later, the company became an official dealer of American Motors Corporation.

In the late 1980s, when AMC became part of Chrysler, Collier redesigned his dealership to sell used cars under the AMC brand. The American company worked until 2015, although by this time the main building of the car dealership had already collapsed.

Collier himself died in 2018. however, the rights to his company, which actually exists only on paper, passed to his sons. They did not continue their father's business, although, from a technical point of view, the car dealership continues its work even now.

abandoned AMC dealership
abandoned AMC dealership
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