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General Motors Announces Electric Hummer SUV

20 November 2020, Friday By Victoria Frolova

The new Hummer SUV will get several electric versions at once and will debut in 2022.

In addition to the electric pickup Hummer, General Motors is planning to produce an SUV of the same name. This was announced during the company's online conference, Motor1 reports. Also during the event, a layout of the future model was shown. Most likely, the car will premiere in 2022.

Hummer SUV

It is expected that the technical characteristics of the SUV will repeat the pickup. In this case, the car will be offered with different electric power units. For example, the power of the top version of the Hummer pickup truck is 1000 horsepower. The power reserve of this modification is about 560 kilometers.

The total power of the younger version of the pickup is 634 horsepower. The power reserve of the electric car is 483 kilometers. However, such a modification of the Hummer will appear on sale only in 2023.

General Motors fully declassified the revived Hummer, which turned into an electric pickup, at the end of October 2020. The production of the model will be established in Michigan at the facilities of Detroit-Hamtramck. The main competitors of the vehicle will be the cars of the American company Rivian, funded by the Ford concern, as well as the serial Tesla Cybertruck, which will also appear in 2021.

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