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SVI Max 3 - An African company turned Toyota Land Cruiser into an armored car

20 November 2020, Friday By Victoria Frolova

The circular ballistic protection of the Max 3 armored car complies with the B6 standard. That is, those in the car will be protected from shots from AK and AR-10 assault rifles.

South African company SVI has unveiled an armored version of the popular Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series SUV. The bulletproof car was renamed Max 3. According to Motor1, the car can be purchased for $103,053.

SVI Max 3

The design of the new product is seriously different from the standard Toyota Land Cruiser. Max 3 received a massive radiator grille, led strips on the roof and additional body protection. The small rear doors open in reverse.

You can buy the car with right or left hand drive. Customers are offered several options for an armored car: a single-row or two-row cabin, as well as an off-road station wagon for eight people.

The Max 3 circular ballistic protection meets the B6 standard. It provides resistance to shots fired from 7.62 mm weapons (for example, AK or AR-10 submachine guns). If desired, the car can be equipped with B7 class armor protection. In this case, the car will be able to withstand the impact of an armor-piercing bullet. However, in South Africa, such vehicles can only be used by government agencies, army units, or officially registered security companies.

The technical characteristics of the car have not changed. The armored car is equipped with gasoline and diesel units with a capacity of up to 200 horsepower.

SVI Max 3
SVI Max 3
SVI Max 3
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