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Uber intends to sell its unmanned ATG division

15 November 2020, Sunday By Victoria Frolova

The company is in talks with Aurora Innovation, a startup that specializes in autonomous driving technology. Discussions began in October, but the deal is still far away.

American company Uber is in talks with startup Aurora Innovation to sell its Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) division, which develops self-driving cars. This is reported by the online publication about innovations TechCrunch, with reference to informed sources.

Uber intends to sell its unmanned ATG division

The portal does not disclose details of a possible deal, but says that the parties began discussing the sale in October. The negotiations are far from over.

A year and a half ago, ATG raised $ 1 billion in investments from SoftBank, Toyota, and Denso and is now valued at 7.25 billion. But TechCrunch did not name the amount Uber wants to get from the sale of the division.

Why the company wants to sell ATG is unknown, but even with good funding for five years, the division has not been able to create a working prototype of the drone. TechCrunch writes that Uber offered to buy ATG, including some automakers.

Both Uber and Aurora declined to comment.

Uber intends to sell its unmanned ATG division, one of ATG's main competitors, raised  $267 million in drone development in early November, raising its value to $5.3 billion.

This investment comes at a time when global automakers and tech companies, including Tesla, Waymo, and Alphabet, are investing time, money, and effort in developing self-driving cars. For example, in October, the California Department of Motor Vehicles issued a special permit to Cruise to test self-driving cars without a spare driver right on the streets of San Francisco, and's drones are now driving along the streets of Beijing and Guangzhou, as well as American Fremont and Irvine.

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