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BMW showed the concept of an urban electric motorcycle of the future

15 November 2020, Sunday By Victoria Frolova

Recently, BMW has been actively promoting the idea of electric cars. So, recently the manufacturer introduced a powerful high-tech SUV iX with excellent autonomy, and now demonstrated its vision of the urban electric bike of the future.

Motorrad Definition CE 04

BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 reflects the company's vision of what the urban motorcycle of the future should look like. It is entirely based on the Motorrad Concept Link, which became known back in 2017. BMW engineers showcased the most requested ideas by bringing technology to the fore.  

Motorrad Definition CE 04 batteries are located at the bottom, and the transmission has become much more compact, which allows you to free up space for an additional compartment with lighting and easy access for storing accessories. In addition, the downward center of gravity contributes to the stability of the motorcycle while riding. There is no exact information about the characteristics of the bike and the timing of its release. Apparently, it will not be designed for high speeds, but for the mode of movement in the city.

"The urban target group mainly rides short distances of approx. 12 km [7.5 miles] per day," Alexander Buckan, Head of Vehicle Design BMW Motorrad, explains. "Long-distance comfort is therefore less important than variable ergonomics and easy accessibility. In this way, we were able to create a "floating" seat bench seat, which allows you to glide comfortably onto the vehicle even from behind," says BMW.

Motorrad Definition CE 04

At the front, the Motorrad Definition CE 04 will have two U-shaped led headlights, while the rear C-shaped ones are integrated into the side panels. All information will be displayed on a 10.25-inch display. In addition, the motorcycle will be able to connect to the owner's smartphone.

In addition to the bike, the designers of the German company have developed a whole set, including black jeans, sneakers, a white open helmet, as well as a jacket with LEDs built into the sleeves and hood for better visibility. The jacket itself has a pocket for wireless phone charging.

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