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Volvo dropped several cars from a height of 30 meters [Video]

13 November 2020, Friday By Victoria Frolova

Volvo has conducted one of the most extreme crash tests of its new cars to train emergency workers.

Volvo performed one of the most unusual crash tests ever. The Swedes decided to lift several new cars on a crane and then drop them from a height of 30 meters. According to a Volvo press release, this approach helped to fully simulate the damage found in the most serious accidents: an accident involving one car at high speed, a collision of a car with a truck at high speed, or a strong impact from the side. In total, ten Volvo cars of various models have been dropped from the crane several times.

"In order for the rescue services to prepare for any possible accident scenario and simulate the forces that arise in the most extreme situations, Volvo Cars has taken equally non-standard measures in addition to the usual crash tests," the press service of the Swedish company said.

Volvo dropped several cars from a height of 30 meters

However, in the first place, this experiment was a serious test for the Swedish emergency services, which took part in the extreme crash test. In the event of serious accidents, the consequences of which were imitating the fall of cars from a 30-meter height, rescuers have very little time at their disposal to retrieve the victims from the wrecked car. In such situations, evacuation specialists often talk about the "golden hour" when it is necessary to release the patient and bring him to the hospital within an hour after the accident.

Most often, rescuers get old cars from landfills for training. At the same time, emergency personnel often complained that such machines, built 15-20 years ago, are very different from modern ones in terms of steel strength, roll cage construction, and overall durability. Therefore, at the request of the rescue services, Volvo Cars decided to provide the rescuers with their new vehicles.

However, Volvo is not alone in providing assistance to emergency workers. For example, in the American city of Dearborn, not so long ago, firefighters conducted an unusual training session, during which they practiced their actions during the evacuation of people from cars during an accident. They chose the most powerful road car in Ford history, the Mustang Shelby GT500. This car was destroyed as a result of training. The firefighters later explained that they used a pre-production prototype muscle car for training, which was given to them by Ford itself.

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