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Porsche revealed three secret concepts

12 November 2020, Thursday By Victoria Frolova

Porsche has unveiled three concept cars that have never been shown to the public.

Porsche has decided to reveal its secret design developments from 2005 to 2019. The project is called "Porsche Unseen" ("Unknown Porsches"), and at the first stage, the Germans decided to show three concept cars that had not been shown to the general public before. This is stated in a press release at the disposal of RBC.

Porsche 919 Street

"When it comes to the visions we develop, it is not about bringing every car onto the road. Instead, it is more a question of establishing creative space and a relationship with the future," says Michael Mauer, Vice President Style Porsche. 

Porsche Vision "Renndienst"

Porsche Vision Renndienst

The most unusual prototype was an electric minivan called the Porsche Vision Renndienst. The Germans created this concept back in 2018. The company itself prefers to call the prototype a "space shuttle", which can accommodate up to six people. The driver's seat in the car is located in the center. All-electric drive components are housed in the underbody of the minivan. Thus, the engineers managed to increase the passenger compartment space. Porsche did not disclose the technical characteristics of the concept.

Porsche Vision Spyder

Vision Spyder concept sports car
Vision Spyder concept sports car

The Vision Spyder concept sports car is inspired by the 1954 Porsche 550-1500 RS Spyder. The design of the two-seater sports car is made in a minimalistic style. The car received red accents, rectangular headlights, small "fins" in the rear, and a compact windshield.

Porsche 919 Street

Porsche 919 Street
Porsche 919 Street

The 919 Street prototype is based on the Porsche 919 Hybrid, which is intended for endurance racing. However, the car was planned primarily for driving on public roads. The sports car received a carbon monocoque and a 900-horsepower hybrid racing drive. The dimensions and wheelbase were also identical to the Le Mans car.

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