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Best WordPress Plugins and Themes for Podcasters

08 December 2021, Wednesday By Priyanka Boruah

Let's look at which plugins and themes can be used to turn an ordinary WordPress blog into an ideal resource for a podcaster.

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How are podcasts and WordPress related?

Best WordPress Themes for Podcasters

Best WP Plugins for Podcasters

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WordPress Plugins and Themes for Podcasters

How are podcasts and WordPress related?

WordPress is versatile. Plugins for WP allow you to turn this platform into a web resource for anything: sales, content demonstration, communication, file sharing. WP can do everything. So podcasters were honored to make their own websites on it, because you can not only add a player to the page and connect iTunes without unnecessary problems, but also do it for free without knowing the basics of programming. All you need to do is install the appropriate plugins or themes.

Best WordPress Themes for Podcasters

A collection of visuals packed with the best podcast plugins. Ideal for those who want all in one at once. 


A complete template for a WordPress site owned by a seasoned podcaster. Looks pretty stylish, the theme is easy to manage. A full-fledged multi-threaded player is built into it by default. Therefore, it is used not only by podcasters, but also by platforms that organize access to audio streaming. 


Tusant allows you to post an unlimited number of recordings to your site with audio files and links to streaming videos. You can also integrate other popular WordPress podcast add-ons into the theme. 

Podcaster Theme

Podcaster Theme includes several layouts for your podcast site. One of the main advantages of the template is the ability to configure the arrangement of elements and visual design with great attention to detail, adjusting each element to suit your own idea of ​​beauty. 

The theme boasts good optimization. Responsively reacts to user actions and does not consume excessive amount of resources. True, the template costs about USD $39.

Castilo Theme

A stylish and functional theme for podcasters at the same time. It is difficult to find fault with this template, because it is really laconically designed and gives the impression of an expensive and thoughtful site.

On the WP-blog with the Castilo theme, separate zones for links to social networks and a button for sending donations for the development of a podcast are immediately displayed. 

The template supports integration with iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds by default, and has a built-in HTML5 player for playing podcasts.


A template that is visually similar to Castilo and, in general, seems to profess the same ideas, but more minimalistic and at the same time extensible.


This is the case when the add-on at first seems to be of little functionality and too stripped down, but upon study it becomes clear that the basic functions of the theme can be significantly expanded by adding support for dozens of third-party plugins, activating the built-in player, scattering links to social networks and Patreon on the main page, etc.

WPCast Theme

WPCast is a good example of a balance between a beautiful design and an abundance of features. Despite the fact that the word "caste" is reflected even in the name of the plugin, this is a much more functional and versatile template that even those who have nothing to do with podcasts as such will find useful.

The template is compatible with the Mailchimp service, along with access to the theme, access to the WPBakery constructor is provided, and an impressive set of blocks for site configuration is included in the kit. An excellent solution for both podcasters and bloggers.

Megabyte Theme

Pretty cute theme with some vintage fonts (serifs give that feeling). By default, a rather austere and dark template can easily be reincarnated, as it is based on the Elementor builder - a powerful multifunctional platform that helps to create a unique layout for WordPress sites. 

You can use the full power of the Elementor plugin to reimagine the look of the Megabyte theme. The topic itself is not strictly related to podcasts. Yes, you will find a convenient player bundled with it, but along with it you will notice full WooCommerce support, so Megabyte can be considered a general-purpose template. 


Audioatro isn't a general-purpose theme, but it's not just for podcasters. The creators of this template targeted everyone who works with audio files, in particular, musicians who want to promote their creativity on a WordPress site, and music labels who want to showcase their wards' content on their own resource. There are large blocks for artists' photos and videos, integration with WooCommerce for selling content, etc. 


If you belong to one of the categories, then this topic is for you. Well, if you are looking for a WordPress podcast blogging theme, then Audioatro is also a good option.

Castpod Theme

A great WordPress theme for podcasters who appreciate a simple design mixed with simplicity and technology. 

Castpod supports all popular podcast hosting services available on the market. The default template has a responsive layout and will make your site look great on gadgets with screens of all sizes. 

And a handy home page player with an audio download function will only complement your podcaster blog. 


WordPress theme for podcasters and aesthetes. The beauty of the template is that it is almost the only one of the listed elements scattered around the edges of the screen, leaving 90% of the space for media content in the center. 

How to take advantage of this luxury is up to you, because the theme allows you to add a slideshow with a photo of kittens and a full-fledged video there. So if you wanted to show your video podcast in full screen, then this can also be implemented. 


Probably the most unsightly topic in my collection, but painfully simple. 

The main advantage of this WordPress theme is consistency and minimalism. All that you will see on the page is a compact player, links to all sites where the podcast is hosted, as well as its cover (there are variations with an increased number of episodes). 


Do you think that this set is enough for you? Then there is no point in wasting time looking for other topics that will only waste the resources of the site. Fastcast is not only minimalistic visually, it is also quite nimble and stable. 

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Best WP Plugins for Podcasters 

If you do not want to completely change the design of your site, but plan to add a couple of blocks with a player or other elements related to podcasts to it, then you better take a closer look at individual add-ons. 


PowerPress is one of the most powerful plugins for those who need to manage a large number of podcast files. The plugin allows you to convert RSS feeds from iTunes and Google Play into convenient WordPress blocks that you can place on your website. 

Among other things, PowerPress comes with a utility that helps you publish your own podcast to iTunes. Without leaving the add-on, you can add all the necessary data to the distribution system to add audio to the Apple site.

PowerPress also works with the popular Bluebrry hosting.


A popular plugin for podcasters using WordPress as the platform for their website. The main advantage of Fusebox is that the audio files added to the RSS feed are automatically displayed in the player, which can be embedded into the site using the interface editor in WP. 


Fusebox is adapted for mobile layout by default, so it is in demand among those who target an audience that uses mobile devices as their main computer. 

The visual design of the player can be changed to your taste, adjusting it to the overall design of the page. 

Simple Podcast Press

Another podcast player for WordPress sites. Plugin logic is similar to that of Fusebox. The set includes a block with a player that can be placed on the site, and a set of parameters for connecting a link to iTunes (from there, the plugin will take podcasts for listening directly to the WP-blog). 

The player itself supports all the necessary functions: you can style the buttons at your discretion, add clickable timecodes, buttons for publishing a podcast on social networks, etc. 

Seriously Simple Podcasting

An extension designed for podcast newbies who are not ready to publish their work on iTunes or pay for services from other popular hosting platforms. 

With Seriously Simple Podcasting, you can post audio files directly to a WP site instead of third-party sites. But what's even more interesting, the add-on forms an RSS feed within your resource, and this feed is compatible with iTunes and Google Play. That is, you can send the entire series of podcasts already published on the site to larger sites for free. 

But the Seriously Simple Podcasting also has a built-in player, so there is no need to share your audio files with Apple or Google. 

Smash Balloon YouTube Feeds

A custom WP podcast plugin aimed at those for whom YouTube has become a key podcast publishing platform.

Smash Balloon YouTube Feeds

The phenomenon of video podcasts is quite common, and they often become even more popular than audio feeds. Therefore, appearing in the Smash Balloon YouTube Feeds collection is a must. 

The plugin allows you to host a playlist of podcast videos on your website. On the page, it is displayed as a regularly updated feed with the latest videos from your channel. 


An add-on created by the Podlove community of podcasters. The goal of the development was to create a plugin that would cover all the needs of enthusiasts who are always looking for a more convenient platform for publishing podcasts, so that their listeners would have an equally convenient tool for playing. 

And Podlove succeeded, because the extension gives you full control over the podcast feed. You can add or exclude individual episodes from the iTunes tape at least by the piece. You can completely change the appearance of the player, a wide range of codecs are supported, it is possible to save releases offline, etc. 

Sermon Manager

An interesting solution for preachers, as Sermon Manager is one of the first podcast plugins to become popular with faith-based organizations. 

Technically, it is not much different from competitors, because the same mechanisms work here as in other podcast players. The audio files are pulled from an RSS feed connected to a podcaster's (sorry preacher) iTunes profile.

A feature of Sermon Manager can be called tight integration with the add-on for collecting donations. 

As Heard On

An add-on for more or less popular podcasters who share their thoughts not only in their show, but also with colleagues. 

As Heard On is a block for a WordPress site that displays third-party podcasts that you have contributed to. 

The extension is perfect for those who want to advertise both themselves as a podcaster and other people's programs, while leaving direct links to the releases of colleagues. 


A plugin that can be used to publish mini podcasts. SpeakPipe was originally conceived as a mechanism for voice communication between users, that is, for sending audio files in both directions. 


Nevertheless, there were also those who reoriented the add-on for the needs of the podcaster. The advantages of this approach are the ability to quickly go to the site, record a short conversation and publish it on the site without the need to use third-party hosting. 

Podcast Importer Secondline

An intermediary utility to help migrate an existing RSS podcast feed to another resource. 

The application easily integrates with other podcast add-ons for WordPress and allows you to host all your audio files on a WP site in a couple of clicks from any source and hosting platform. 

Podcast Importer Secondline also allows you to publish podcasts on your site as separate posts and sort them based on the rules set for standard publications (roughly speaking, articles).

Instead of a conclusion

That's all. Finally, I recommend getting analytics plugins to keep track of who is listening to your podcasts, what your subscribers' hobbies, age, and other characteristics are. This will help you better understand your audience.

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