Yandex.Webmaster introduced a section for managing comments on Turbo pages

In Yandex.Webmaster, in the "Turbo pages for content sites" tab, you can now manage comments from Yandex users. By clicking on the "Comments" link, the site owner can view the number of comments on each page, as well as enable or disable comments for specific articles.  


To enable comments from Yandex users, in the Webmaster, go to the tab “Turbo pages for content sites” → “Settings” → “Comments”. Then enable the "Comments of Yandex users" option and click the "Save" button.  

By default, comments are enabled on all pages. To disable them on specific pages, go to the Turbo pages → "Comments" section and set the required settings using the slider. 

We remind you that Yandex users' comments became available to Turbo pages in December 2019.

Source: Yandex blog
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