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Google: we can include new links in the ranking as soon as we see them

25 September 2020, Friday By Victoria Frolova

In a new video for webmasters, Google employee John Mueller talked about updating link algorithms and how long it takes for Google to start counting new links in the ranking. 

Watch the video with Mueller's answer below:  

Müller began his answer by talking about the basic algorithm. According to him, the main Google algorithm is a collection of small algorithms. During the update of the main algorithm, firstly, a significant change in many algorithms occurs, and secondly, a change in "interpretations" (revision of the weight of one or another signal).  

We have many different search algorithms. When we make significant changes to some of them, or significant changes in the way they are interpreted, what we call a Core Update happens. 

In terms of how the link-aware algorithm works, it can change at any time, not just when the underlying algorithm changes. Google processes links all the time, that is, it can take them into account in the ranking almost as soon as it sees them. You do not need to wait a certain period of time for this. 

Recall that Google recently released a new episode of SEO Mythbusting. In it, Google employee Martin Splitt and Barry Schwartz of Rusty Brick discussed Google's relationship with the SEO community.

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