Google Ads launched 3 new metrics for evaluating the frequency of video ads

Google Ads announced the launch of new metrics for video ads. They will allow advertisers to better customize the frequency of impressions.  

Three new metrics are available in the Frequency Report. 

Google Ads

The distribution by frequency of coverage will allow you to find out how many users saw the ad a certain number of times in a given period of time. Six frequency segments can be selected: 1+, 2+, 3+, 4+, 5+ and 10+.  

Average Weekly Frequency and Average Monthly Frequency lets you know how often your ads are shown to users over a given period: 7 or 30 days.  

During your campaign, you can use these metrics to track your weekly or monthly frequency of impressions. Once the campaign is over, metrics can help you analyze trends.  

Earlier, Google opened access to the Ads API for all users

Source: Google Blog
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