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SEO Mythbusting: what Google hides from SEO Experts

24 September 2020, Thursday By Victoria Frolova

A new episode of SEO Mythbusting is out. In it, Google employee Martin Splitt and Barry Schwartz of Rusty Brick discuss Google's relationship with the SEO community. 

The full video in English can be viewed below. Below the video, you will find a transcript of the key points.

Google is often accused of hiding the truth from the SEO community. A Google spokesperson says this is just speculation and here's why:

Key points of the video

  • The answer boxes are a source of controversy between communication site owners and Google. Publishers can lose users due to the fact that Google sometimes displays too much information in these blocks. Splitt responds that providing detailed information in search results can lead to better traffic to the site.
  • Google intends to double its transparency and provide more information to SEOs and site owners. 
  • Splitt encourages webmasters to use the "Send Feedback" button that appears in search results. This is how Google gets a report with quality data on what users want.
  • Google doesn't use Android or Chrome data to rank in search results because "it's a very noisy source."
  • People don't believe Google because they only like to hear what confirms their thoughts. According to a Google spokesman, this is more of a psychology. When a search engine spokesperson says they don't use any data for ranking, they mean exactly that.
  • Google often talks about "the best site", but what exactly does that mean? Splitt responded that priorities change depending on the website and audience. Companies need to learn more about their audience in order to better understand it and use it on their sites.

Recall that in the last issue of SEO Mythbusting, Martin Splitt answered the questions that experts often ask when moving a site.

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