Google Ads API, AdWords API, and scripts will automatically apply new conversion categories

Starting October 15, 2020, new categories of conversion actions will automatically apply to the Google Ads API, AdWords API, and Google Ads scripts. 

The expanded list of categories, which includes 19 options, became available to advertisers in May.

If you are using:

Google Ads API - For those advertisers using the Google Ads API, new conversion categories are already available in the ConversionActionCategoryEnum. No further action is required.

AdWords API - in the AdWords API, new conversion types will be added to the ConversionTracker.Category according to the map:


In other words, advertisers will see existing conversion categories in their reports.

Google Ads Scripts - In Google Ads scripts, when you select or filter the ConversionCategoryName report field, the same existing category types will be visible as used in the AdWords API. They will also be based on the above table.

For more information on new conversion actions in Google Ads, see Help.

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