Google Search Console Explains AMP Issues with Signed Exchange Technology

Google Search Console has started to support problem reporting for AMP pages that use Signed HTTP Exchange (SXG) technology. Issues will be available in the AMP Status Report and the report generated by the URL Inspection Tool.  

Google Search Console

Google says there are two ways to get information about issues with SXG: 

  1. By selecting the item you want under AMP Version Information in the URL Validation Tool.
  2. By clicking on the URL in the Issue Table in the AMP Status Report. 

The list of issues that Google Search Console will detect if the Signed HTTP Exchange protocol is implemented on AMP pages includes:  

  • invalid authorized exchange;
  • an analysis error occurred during an authorized exchange;
  • Invalid value for the header header_name for an authorized exchange;
  • no required header_name was found for the authorized exchange process;
  • failed to parse the signature header of the authorized exchange;
  • invalid parameter_name in the signature header of the authorized exchange;
  • invalid dates of authorized exchange;
  • could not parse the cert-url certificate chain referenced by the authorized exchange;
  • Invalid cert-url chain referenced by authorized exchange;
  • failed to parse the authorized exchange;
  • The internal process URL does not match the request URL for the authorized exchange;
  • Invalid value for header_name in the HTTP response of the authorized exchange.

We will remind, earlier Google announced a new tool Search Console Insights. With its help, authors and publishers will be able to obtain more detailed information about the interaction of users with content.

Source: Google Blog
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