Google warned of the negative consequences of passing a law in support of the media in Australia

Google has warned Australian residents that local media law will negatively impact search results in mainstream Google searches and YouTube searches. The company published an official statement on its blog.  


In the spring, the authorities in Australia, amid falling media revenues, thought about passing a law that would oblige Google and Facebook to pay news sites for content, as well as provide data on user preferences. The document is planned to be adopted by the end of 2020.  

According to Google, such a law will negatively affect users. The media business will receive an unfair advantage over mainstream content creators and smaller platforms. The media will have access to confidential information that will help them rank higher in searches and disadvantage other authors. Independent YouTube bloggers may lose some of their ad revenue due to the new law, as the number of views of their videos will decrease.  

Google points out that it is already sharing revenue with partners, including news publishers. But the law could cause the media to demand more money on top of what they make on YouTube, leaving the platform less likely to invest in independent authors.  

The Australian Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (ACCC) reported that Google misrepresented a law that only requires fair pay for the journalists whose content Google publishes.

Recall that not only Australia wants to force Google to pay for media content in the SERP. The French competition authority also ruled in the spring that the search engine must pay French publishers and news agencies to use their content in search results.

Source: Google Blog
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