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Google Announces Testing New Search Console Insights Tool

17 August 2020, Monday By M. Konwar

Google has announced a new Search Console Insights tool. With its help, authors and publishers will be able to obtain more detailed information about the interaction of users with content. 

The new tool lets you know: 

  • what publications are most popular with the audience; 
  • whether users like the author's new content;
  • how users find materials published by the author on the Internet; 
  • which search terms related to the author's content are most often used in Google Search, and which are gaining popularity;
  • in what other sources are there links to the publisher's content.

Search Console Insights is currently in closed beta testing. The tool can be used by webmasters who have received special invitations. In the future, Google promises to expand testing and make the service available to more sites.  

You can read more about Search Console Insights here.

Source: Twitter
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