Description helps Google get an idea of ​​the page

Google employee Martin Splitt told SEO specialists about meta descriptions. According to him, meta descriptions help Google understand what site owners consider important on the page.

Some webmasters are used to not filling out the Description, believing that meta descriptions have no value from the point of view of SEO. However, a new post by Martin Splitt shows that Google is looking at meta descriptions. According to him, the Description and Title "create the first impression of what search users see on the site, and also help Google get a summary of what you think is important on the page."

Twitter snapshot

When asked for clarification, Martin repeated on Twitter that Description helps Google search better understand what the page is about, what the webmaster cares about in terms of content.

Another Google employee, John Mueller, joined the conversation on Twitter. He reminded that Description can be used to generate a snippet. If the webmaster doesn't fill out the meta description, Google will handle the content itself. Mueller also pointed out that Description does not affect ranking.

According to search marketer Roger Montti, Martin Splitt seems to be talking about the Description element plays the same role as the Title tag, that is, telling what the web page is about. This provides a fresh perspective on the role of meta descriptions in search. 

Let us remind you that earlier Martin Splitt spoke about the main problems faced by website owners during mobile-first indexing.

Source: Search Engine Journal
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