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Google has made changes to the Search Console API infrastructure

07 August 2020, Friday By M. Konwar

Google has announced updates to its Search Console API to improve performance. According to the company, the changes are related to infrastructure and will not affect the scope or functionality of the update. 

Google Cloud Platform

Google says it tried to make the transition to the new infrastructure go unnoticed for webmasters. The work was carried out throughout the year.  

If webmasters request their own data through the API or support a tool that uses such data (for example, a WordPress plugin), you need to pay attention to what has changed. 

  • Changes to the Google Cloud Platform dashboard. The old API usage report shows a drop, and the new report shows an increase. 
  • API key restriction changes. If you have previously set API key limits, you will need to change them by updating before August 31st.
  • Discovery document changes. If the service the webmaster is using is requesting an API using a third-party API library or the Webmasters Discovery Document directly, you need to update it before the end of the year. Google announced that it will drop support for the Webmasters discovery document after December 31, 2020.

Source: Google Blog
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