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Google Analytics spoke about the new data privacy settings

05 August 2020, Wednesday By M. Konwar

Amid numerous data privacy lawsuits against technology companies and increased government regulations on data collection, Google has announced new settings that will give publishers greater control over data collection.

Google data privacy

Publishers will now be able to disable personalization, delete data, and use other settings that affect consumer data privacy. The new tools will also help advertisers comply with laws and regulations.

6 new settings for publishers

  1. Disable advertising features (app) 
  2. Disable advertising features (web) 
  3. Disable ad personalization (app) 
  4. Disable ad personalization (web) 
  5. Allow / Disable ad personalization for any property 
  6. Use Google Analytics for Firebase iOS SDK to check app installs

6 new account settings

  1. Accept the GDPR and California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) data processing terms 
  2. Anonymize IP addresses 
  3. Disable collection of some or all data 
  4. Set the storage period for data 
  5. Choose what data to share with support and Google 
  6. Check Google Signals settings (related to remarketing, demographics, etc.)

As a reminder, it was previously reported that Google does not use Google Analytics data to rank sites.

Source: SearchEngine Journal
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