Google gives its own services 41% of the first page of the search results

Almost half of the results on the first page of Google search results consist of links to search engine products, a study by The Markup showed. The company analyzed more than 15 thousand popular queries. The data showed that in many cases Google prefers its own services and puts them above competitors.

Key findings of the study

  • If you look at just 15% of the top SERPs, Google products will take up 63% of the results. It is assumed that the top 15% of the result page is equivalent to the iPhone X screen before scrolling down the results.

  • For every fifth query in the sample, links to external sites did not appear at all on the first screen of mobile search, the researchers noted.

  • 41% of the first page of search results Google gives to its products and services, as well as "direct answers", which provide users with information copied from other sources. 

Google SERP

  • In many cases, Google displays advanced features and answer boxes. To get to the first organic result, the user has to scroll down almost halfway down the page.

A Google representative disagreed with the results of the study. He noted that help in reformulating the query, additional information on the topic, and quick provision of facts can not be considered Google services that the search engine gives advantages to. These features serve the interests of users.

Earlier, Google said that it does not use Google Analytics data for ranking sites.

Source: Search Engine Journal
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