Google: we do not use Google Analytics data to rank websites

Google employee John Mueller spoke about whether the search engine uses Google Analytics data to rank sites. Some experts think so. This opinion is based on early statements by Google. In them, the search engine stated that it uses Google Analytics data in an anonymous or aggregated form for different purposes. Based on this, some experts decided that Google uses the data of its analytical service when ranking sites.  

Recently, a Twitter user raised this issue again, writing that Analytics data can affect search ranking. He argued that Google combined Search Console and Analytics data even on the API side.  

John Muller hastened to dispel this myth by saying:

We do not use Google Analytics data in Search.  

He also added: 
Google Analytics & Search Console track data quite differently. SC tracks what's shown in Search, GA tracks what happens when a user goes to a site. There's overlap, but it's not exact.

John Mueller on Twitter

We will remind, earlier Google employee Martin Splitt also reported that the search engine does not use Analytics data for ranking, in particular, behavioral metrics.

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