Google dispels SEO myths about website loading speed

Google has released a new series of SEO Mythbusting. In it, search engine employee Martin Splitt told why it is important to optimize the site's loading speed and destroyed several SEO myths.

The key ideas of the video

  • Page loading speed is not as important a ranking factor as many SEOs think. Speed is important, but fast pages won't rank higher than pages with more relevant content.
  • Long loading times make users feel upset and frustrated, which is why speed is so important for a search engine.
  • There are many areas with poor internet in the world. This fact must be taken into account when developing sites.
  • The average size of web pages is usually several megabytes. The recommended size should be around 500 KB. The smaller the page size, the faster it will load.
  • Usually, SEO specialists do everything right when it comes to optimizing speed, but there are a few problematic points. For example, many people think that using images of minimal size has a positive effect on speed, and the tactic of "lazy" loading is not always a priority for specialists.
  • SEO specialists should not focus on reports and recommendations of tools such as Lighthouse. The service can calculate that a specific change will reduce the page loading speed by X seconds, but implemented changes may not always lead to an immediate increase in site speed.
  • Professionals should not be fooled into thinking that the site is fast because it loads quickly on their latest smartphone. Different types of devices load sites at different speeds. Optimizers should track which devices users visit your site and optimize the speed for them. You can even buy your most-used device to understand how users see your site.
AMP is not a ranking factor.
  • AMP is important as much as page speed is. But AMP itself is not a ranking signal.
  • Site speed is considered a factor when there are two pages with approximately the same content. The faster page will then be higher than the slower one.

As a reminder, in the last episode of SEO Mythbusting, Martin Splitt dispelled  SEO myths about the crawling budget.
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