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Google prioritizes YouTube videos

17 July 2020, Friday By M. Konwar
Google prioritizes YouTube videos over competing services. This conclusion was reached by the journalists of The Wall Street Journal, who conducted their own investigation.  

According to the publication, Google executives have ordered changes to the algorithms so that YouTube videos take higher positions in the search results. To verify this, journalists used a bot that went to Google search from different IP addresses and searched for titles on videos posted on different video services. In almost all cases, YouTube ranked above the competition in the carousel block, regardless of video views and comments.  

Google prioritizes YouTube videos

Google commented to reporters that the algorithms do not give preference to certain services, but use different signals to provide relevant and useful results for each request. 

Search engines are often accused of promoting their own services to the detriment of competitors. So, last year, five Russian companies considered that Yandex violated the competition law by giving priority in issuing their services using interactive responses from "sorcerers".
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