Google launches Shoploop app to buy goods directly in videos

Google’s internal R&D division, Area 120, has released Shoploop for selling products. The service is designed to introduce consumers to new products through videos up to 90 seconds long.

Both sellers and influencers can show and test products in videos. To do this, the service collaborates with content creators and store owners. When watching a video, users can save a link to the product they like or go to the seller’s website to make a purchase. Also in the application, you can subscribe to the authors of videos and share content with friends.  

In the first phase, Shoploop allows to showcase products in the categories of makeup, skincare, hair, and nails.  

The mobile version of the service is already available. The company is currently working on a desktop version of Shoploop.  

Earlier, Google Ads introduced new advertising tools that will allow brands to visually demonstrate their products.

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