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Google has updated the document with recommendations for the Discover feed

14 July 2020, Tuesday By M. Konwar
Google has made changes to the content optimization reference document for the Discover recommendations feed. New items were added to the document, and information about E-A-T was added.

Google Discover

Google notes that resources are added to the Discover section based on the user's interests and activity. Traffic from the recommendations feed is less predictable and less reliable than the main search. It should be considered as additional traffic to the search engine. There are no ways to create and optimize content for the recommendations feed, according to Google.

To increase the likelihood of getting into the Discover feed, Google recommends:

  • publish useful and interesting content for users;
  • use titles that reflect the essence of the content, rather than being a clickbait;
  • avoid artificially increasing engagement by using misleading details (titles, snippets, images);
  • provide dates, information about the authors and the company behind the publication, and contact information;
  • use high-quality images from 1200 pixels wide.

Google reports that automated systems select for Discover the content of sites that demonstrate E-A-T (expertise, credibility, reliability). The general requirements of E-A-T for the main search and the recommendations feed are similar.
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