Google Ads introduced new rules for spyware and surveillance tools

Google Ads has introduced new guidelines for spyware and surveillance tools. They will come into force in August 2020 and will apply to all countries. 

Google Ads

As reported in the service's blog, explanations will be added to the Google Advertising rules regarding spyware and surveillance tools. Starting in August, it will be prohibited to advertise products and services intended primarily to monitor the actions of other people without their permission.

This means that advertising is spyware and technologies for tracking, including software for tracking messages, phone calls and browser history, GPS trackers, surveillance equipment (cameras, including hidden, sound recording devices, video recorders) will be banned.  

Violations of this policy will not lead to immediate account suspension without prior warning. A warning will be issued, at least 7 days, prior to any suspension of your account. – said in the Google Ads blog.

The new rules do not prohibit advertising of products and services that are intended for parents and used for monitoring children, as well as services of private detectives.

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