Google Analytics Announces Two New Predictive Metrics

Google Analytics introduced two new metrics for user analysis. This was announced by the service team on its blog.  

New predictive metrics for resources such as "Application and site":

  • Purchase Probability, predicts the probability that users who visited the site or app will make a purchase within the next 7 days.
  • Churn Probability, predicts the probability that recently active users will not visit the company's app or website for the next seven days.

According to representatives of the service, the indicators will be useful for entrepreneurs, helping them reach people who are inclined to buy, and keeping users who may not return to the app or site using Google Ads.

Predicted audiences in Google Ads

With Google Analytics, you can also create Predictive Audiences based on new metrics.

Google Analytics

Predicted audiences will automatically determine what customer actions in the application or on the site can lead to a purchase, which will reach even more potential buyers with relevant ads on Google Ads. 

Previously, in order to reach the people most likely to buy, a company could build an audience consisting of users who added products to their shopping carts but did not buy. Now, Analytics will offer an audience that includes everyone who is likely to make a purchase in the next seven days.

Analysis of customer activity using forecast indicators

New metrics can be used not only to build an audience but also to analyze data. For example, a company can use the User Lifetime metric to determine which marketing campaign helped it acquire users with the highest purchase probability. This information will help to correctly redistribute most of the marketing budget to the most effective advertising campaign. 

Google Analytics

All innovations will be available to users in the next few weeks.
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