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Google Launches Interactive 3D Swirl Ads Worldwide

10 July 2020, Friday By M. Konwar

Google has announced that the Swirl advertising format will be available to users of the Display and Video 360 service worldwide. Swirl is a 3D presence-based ad format.

With Swirl, users can interact with a product in an ad as if it is right in front of them. Images in an ad can be rotated, zoomed in, and stretched.

The new format will help brands to illustrate changes in product characteristics, the principles of action of new technologies, unique functions, etc. 

Some brands have already tested the 3D ad format. Purina, using interactive elements, was able to increase the engagement of ad users by 6 times compared to 2D ads, Nissan was able to increase engagement by 8 times, and Adidas in Latin America - by 4 times.


To prepare an ad in Swirl format, you need to upload ready-made 3D materials to the Google Web Designer tool and use the new Swirl templates. To create presence-oriented media ads, brands and agencies can also edit, customize, and publish high-quality, photo-realistic images on Google’s 3D Poly platform.

Detailed information on how to get started with Swirl can be found here.

Recall that earlier Google Ads called a new date for the transition of video campaigns to parallel tracking. It will become mandatory from March 31, 2021.
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