WordPress has banned linking to commercial site blogs from documentation

The WordPress team has updated the policy for external links. Now the platform prohibits linking from documentation to blogs of commercial sites, even if these sites do not sell products. We are talking about sections of documentation for plugins, themes, and so on. The developer community reacted negatively to the innovations.


According to the new WordPress rules, you can no longer post links to "useful" articles in the blogs of external commercial sites. The purpose of the innovation is to combat unscrupulous developers and increase the value of the information provided to users.

“During discussion about external linking policy, we came to conclusion that we won’t allow, at least in the beginning and for the time being, any commercial blogs.
So before you start arguing that some popular plugin’s blogs have valuable information, let me stop you right there.
…this will completely move focus from initial idea which is:
Benefit for the documentation user.” - reported in WordPress.

New rules include:

  • to any official WordPress plugin blogs,
  • official blog topics 
  • official store blogs with themes, plugins, etc., 
  • official hosting blogs and other services.

At the same time, the rules apply to blogs of sites that do not sell anything. Links to Stack Overflow and any of the Stack Exchange sites are allowed, as these sites are "not interested in trying to use the wp.org linking feature." 

The developers criticized the WordPress solution. In their view, the new policy is biased towards all “commercial” things and suggests that they all are not trustworthy and do not contain anything of value. 

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