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GitHub has released an updated Code Search

10 December 2021, Friday By M. Konwar

The developers have reported a major  search engine update inside GitHub. Now, the process of searching for code in the repository of repositories should be significantly faster and easier. 

So far, the completely redesigned search engine is hosted on a separate domain, but the creators of the project plan to add it as the main one after testing. At the moment, the development team is at the stage of collecting feedback from users. 


The updated search engine already contains data on more than 5 million repositories. Here are some of the new features in Code Search:

  • The search will be helped by "smart" ranking and a more advanced hint system. 
  • Now you can search for specific strings and apply regular expressions during the search. 
  • You can limit the scope of your search using the org: or repo: tags.
  • You can also use additional filters language:, path:, extension: and others. 

GitHub New Code Search

In addition, the new version of the GitHub search engine has a tree-like file manager, an option to quickly navigate to the definition of functions, and other little things, which can be found in more detail in the service documentation. 

The GitHub development team assures that this is just the beginning and that more innovations will appear in the search in the near future. You can try GitHub Code Search right now by signing  up for access to the preview version of the service.

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