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YouTube's First Copyright Compliance Report Has Been Released

07 December 2021, Tuesday By Victoria Frolova

YouTube developers have been creating tools over the past few years that allow copyright holders to control copyrighted content. The first report on the performance of such services was recently presented.

At the moment, there are three main tools that control YouTube copyright compliance:

  1. A copyright infringement complaint form for copyright holders. Used by those with limited copyrights and rarely submit requests to remove content.
  2. Search by matches (Copyright Match Tool). This tool is already used by more than two million channel owners who have faced plagiarism of their content.
  3. Content ID system that supports copyright holders even in the most difficult situations of copyright infringement (for example, from film studios and record companies, which are often faced with illegal use of materials).

The presented report lists data for the first half of 2021. The following facts stand out in particular:

1. Most of the content removal requests came from automated services. More than 722 million applications were submitted through the Content ID system - this is 99% of all recorded actions. More than 1.6 million queries have been generated using the Copyright Match Tool.

YouTube Copyright Compliance Report

2. A very low percentage of controversial situations was recorded in the total number of requests for content removal. So, at the end of the first half of 2021, less than 1% of all applications created by the Content ID system were challenged.

3. If controversy over plagiarism does arise, then 60% of decisions are made in favor of the person who uploaded the video.

YouTube Copyright Compliance Report

According to the official announcement, the report will now be published twice a year, due to which the service team will be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of copyright protection tools.

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