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Fleet - new code editor from JetBrains

30 November 2021, Tuesday By Priyanka Boruah

JetBrains has announced the release of its own lightweight code editor - Fleet. It aims to be an alternative to heavy and feature-rich IDEs in the spirit of WebStorm.

Fleet is not just a text editor, but an editor with syntax highlighting and code completion, so it will not lag behind competitors in its capabilities. Fleet will also have debugging tools and a proprietary refactoring system from JetBrains. 

Fleet - new code editor

Fleet was built from scratch with a fresh architecture. One of the important differences of this product from the family of other JetBrains editors is the lack of a specific focus. Fleet supports many languages, not a specific one. Among other things, the new architecture made it possible to implement joint code editing and efficient work both with locally stored files and with code on the server. 

code editor

The first version supports Java, Kotlin, Python, Rust, Go, TypeScript, jаvascript and JSON. But the company promises to add new languages ​​regularly, and in the future even connect the plugin system. 

To test Fleet, you need to enroll in the ranks of pioneers on the JetBrains website by filling out the appropriate form. It is not yet known which model Fleet will be distributed and how much it will cost.

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